Since its origins, human beings have been a hybrid, a cultural chameleon hybridized with technical, animal and vegetal otherness. Technology has already entered the body even before the postmodern era: the shape of the hands has evolved based on the manipulation of external objects and realities, as well as the other biological and cultural faculties have developed on the basis of interspecific and intraspecific selective external factors of competition and collaboration.

We are pleased to invite you to a solo exhibition by Brussels-based artist Philippe Van Snick entitled Overgangen. All works featured were made exclusively for, and in response to, EXILE’s specific exhibition spaces. The exhibition will run until June 1, yet the site-specific installation Temperature Raising, 2019 will remain installed until mid August.

Despar Teatro Italia opens the door to HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails, a solo exhibition by the artist and poet Kenneth Goldsmith organized by the curatorial team Francesco Urbano Ragazzi.

This exhibition is a labyrinth of silly images, masks and a bunker of something heavy and precious to me. In this roofless room at the top of a house close to the Danube River in Budapest there is a chance high of getting lost between what is stupid and what is serious, what is light and what is heavy.

Lily Robert presents » SUCK ON ME HARDER I EAT YOU FOR STARTER « a solo show by Josefin Arnell.