Treti Galaxie, hosted by VEDA, is proud to present the solo show of Giuliana Rosso “Only now, lost, they become real to me”.

The body tells a story. The physical and spiritual process of building the body is the reection of our lives, experiences, and desires, which we disclose to ourselves and others.

One day exhibition organized and curated by TZVETNIK within the frames of When The Hunger Starts - Project Space Festival Berlin 2019.

A new solo exhibition titled "Premeditated Flight Of An Innocent Bird" by Catalin Pislaru at Nir Altman in Münich.

With works from the Hildebrand Collection by Judith Bernstein, Paul Czerlitzki, Jose Dávila, Grit Hachmeister, Petrit Halilaj, Sven Johne, Hannah Levy, Matt Mullican, Tal R, David Renggli, Nora Turato and Stefan Vogel.