Industrial field of marble works. Archeological site of a burial ground. For Glorious Times, her exhibition at Karlin Studios, Sári Ember gathered older and new works, variations of faces and figures engraved or sculpted in stone.

Tetsuo's body is a collective off-site exhibition taking place inside a capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan. The project is curated by Andrea Samory and presents original works from Michele Bazzoli, Matteo Gatti, Ayako Hirogaki, Francesco Pacelli, Andrea Samory.

"Everybody Wants To Be Somebody" is the inaugural solo exhibition of the London-based Serbian artist in Hungary.  Maja Djordjevic's multi-disciplinary works are reminiscent of computer doodles, but in reality are produced with meticulous craft using traditional oil and enamel, resulting in a unique and seductively tactile series of pixelated illusions.

Daniel de Paula's solo exhibition at Lumen Travo Gallery in Amsterdam.

'Umbrella.Corp' group exhibition is curated by Plague, and was taking place on December 13 – 30 at off-site space Makaronka Art Center, Rostov-on-Don Russia.