Make Room is pleased to present Blossoming Carcass, an exhibition of new works by artist duo ASMA.

Karel Kostka in his publication subtitled A General Theory of Consciousness, Time, Space and Being, considers a coordinate system as a clearly arranged tool of our mind, one which it uses to perceive and perhaps create reality according to understandable and transparent rules. Miriam Kaminská, Eliška Konečná and Michael Nosek choose a spatial image-object as another tool for gaining awareness of the mystery of our existence.

In The Dig Dan Stockholm adopts the role of a creative archaeologist, utilizing methods of excavation, preservation and display in the creation of several new works.

Group exhibition with Antonio Franco, Cristina Meijas, Marco Montiel-Soto, Amba Sayal-Bennett and Stefania Zocco at the JosédelaFuente Gallery in Santander.

A growing installation during all summer at the Espace Moss in Saint-Gilles.