Exhibition of Mariantonietta Bagliato and  Julie Grosche at Foothold, curated by Like A Little Disaster.

Joseph Tasnádi's second solo exhibition at HORIZONT Gallery, Budapest.

On the occasion of SPAZI 2018, Rehearsal invites Current for a group exhibition in the new space of via G.B. Passerini 18, with artists belonging to the two project spaces.

Montecristo Project is thrilled to present the first exhibition in its new space in Sardinia. Built to host Sebastien Bonin’s exhibition, this small, open, striped wooden cube is located in a secluded location up the Sardinian mountains.

Photographs appear to work as mimesis, they look familiar with reality but on their surface, they represent differently. If we explore the world only on the surface of images, we can look through the windows of a different reality: we find other principles and connections than through our own sensorium.