Parastu Gharabaghi works at the intersection of sculpture, installation and video. Challenging and dissolving prevailing concepts of authorship and the role of the artist, her multi-layered practice often involves the participation of invited, sometimes mysterious, collaborators with whom she stages ambiguous dramaturgies of uncertain, confused identities.

The group exhibition organized at the MAGMA Contemporary Art Space in Sfântu Gheorghe offers the visitors an insight into the latest artistic trends of contemporary Hungarian art.

The Artkartell projectspace gladly presents the new solo exhibition by Adam Ulbert, with his latest series titled Fables From The Ship Of Fools.

Adam Vačkář's solo exhibition at Nod Galerie in Prague.

The bathroom is a first part of a project in the frame of which Anna Solal decided to build a house, or rather its  equipment, for someone she doesn’t know.