Dimora Artica presents Body Ache, an exhibition by Andrea Barbagallo. The show it’s focused on the obsessive reproduction of the human body made through the use of technology.

Group show featuring Szilvia Bolla, Dániel Helyes, Zsófia Jauernik, Tamás Pál and Renáta Pintérová at the Eleven Blokk in Budapest.

Interior and the collectors occupied several spaces of hotel Amigo during Artbrussels art fair. This group show in a luxury hotel pursues one of our constant issue of inhabited space as exhibition space in another context and other constraints.

The project Daze and Ornament is moved by the aim of dwelling upon the ornament presence in contemporary art by analysing the work of artists that exploit its features with different intents.

The social utopias of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have not become reality, but they have not failed, either. They have been bent out of shape, which opens the prospect that they could be bent back.