'Umbrella.Corp' group exhibition is curated by Plague, and was taking place on December 13 – 30 at off-site space Makaronka Art Center, Rostov-on-Don Russia.

Twenty14 is pleased to present Oikeiôsis solo show by artists Mara Palena in collaboration with “Pananti Atelier” Milanese headquarter of the historic Florentine auction house Pananti. The notion of memory is only one of the motives that pushed Mara Palena to start a long process - potentially infinite -  titled of "Oikeiôsis".

Dezső Szabó's solo exhibiton is on view at Vintage Gallery in Budapest.

Dimora Artica presents Holomovement, a collective exhibition with works from seven emerging artists. The show focuses on the desire to identify a common feeling arising from new interpretations of reality in the scientific and philosophical fields.

NEVVEN is proud to present Withering Postures, the second solo show by Swedish artist Fanny Hellgren with the gallery, featuring a new body of wall based works in paper pulp and a steel mesh sculpture, furthering and enriching of new perspectives her material—based research and intimate artistic vocabulary.