In Homeless Between Yestermorrows, Fridvalszki continues his (an)archeological quest for utopian eras, started in his exhibition series An Out of this World Event, this time penetrating all the way to the deep strata of the sixties and the seventies. Revolutionary designs of the Space Age, abstraction-appropriating album covers, avant-garde jazz improvisations, and other unearthed artifacts of ”Popular Modernism” constitute uncanny collages that strive to fructify our futureless present with critical nostalgia and utopian impulses.

Valérian Goalec' solo show at Spazio Orr in Brescia.

Nimova Projeckt's soloexhibition at Műtő in Budapest.

Nela Britaňáková's exhibition at Studio Prám in Prague.

Willard Klein and Emma Pryde at Alyssa Davis Gallery in New York.