Photographs appear to work as mimesis, they look familiar with reality but on their surface, they represent differently. If we explore the world only on the surface of images, we can look through the windows of a different reality: we find other principles and connections than through our own sensorium.

“Bad Trip” exhibition combines a series of references to the assemblage of forces creating the reality we observe. Barbara Żłobińska and Mariusz Maślanka examine culture, ecology, economy, technology and untamed primitiveness to build a postanthropocentric narration about fears and hopes associated with the future.

Average Eastern-European family backgrounds have world wars, broken dreams, vis major lives, ethnic conflicts and suppressive regimes put together in various combinations. People from these regions share the same story, however many times from the opposite side – like a playground where everybody is tyrant and victim at the same time

Anna Orłowska embarks on a disjointed search for architectural figures through the photographic medium, displaying a strong and substantial ability to organize and arrange her findings.

Áron Kútvölgyi-Szabó worked on the exhibition Patterns of Counterknowledge during his residency at the Brno House of Arts.