The exhibition  wants to explore how a young generation of artists relate to a plurality of spiritual ideas and expressions. Emerging as well as established fields such as alchemy, psychedelia and primitive tech now inhabit a variety of virtual and mental spaces. What artistic responses are produced to the present synergy of spirit, matter, technology and economy and what contributions to a contemporary spiritual imagery can be made?

Zsolt Tibor's solo show at hoast in Vienna.

Sharon Van Overmeiren and Jef Meyer at Lucie Drdova Gallery in Prague.

Veronika Durová and Jakub Tytykalo's exhibition at Stuido PRÁM in Prague.

The exhibition entitled Deep Down in the Rabbit Hole is an organic continuation of Áron Kútvölgyi-Szabó’s complex installations made in previous years around the topic of post-truth, alternative facts, and conspiracy theories.