Interior and the collectors is pleased to present COLLECTION N°9, RAPIDO, RAPIDO, a new group show in a vintage folding carvan at Camping Domaine Le Midi, Barbâtre, Noirmoutier Island (FR).

Over 38 days EKKM will transform itself into a stage for the project 1 iJ curated by Ekaterina Shcherbakova.

Jasmina Cibic's solo show - Everything We Do Today Will Look Heroic in The Future -  at Significant Other in Vienna, Austria.

At the launch event of our overarching magazine, we wanted to show an exciting “snapshot” of the relevant actors of the Hungarian contemporary visual culture with our exclusive group exhibition. A young generation of artists is working on the exhibition entitled Time Overlay in diverse styles and with different mediums.

Inspired by the vast everyday life RobOtto – a.k.a. Ottó Szabó – decided to take his turn on the topic of masculinity and the connection between humankind and its' machines. The exhibition titled Lumberjack Gym is on view at the heatwave and summer-friendly exhibition space located on a rooftop terrace – ENA Viewing Space.