Efremidis Gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition of Dutch artist Feiko Beckers in Germany.

Arcadia Missa presents a solo exhibition by Lewis Hammond.

Katharina Hölzl and Eugen Wist at Foundation Vienna.

Arzanà is the name of a cultural Venetian association that for years has attended on the transmission of the nautical tradition in the lagoon and it is owner of a small museum into which numerous object are preserved, deposit of the past, shapes loaded with potential that staying in their magnificent disuse yearn for an overflow of new and renewed appearances.

A specific relation of time and space is the leitmotif of the presented exhibition. The artist transfers the fleeting form of the sketch into durable material creating the objects that are the memory of landscape. It draws attention to the rapidly occurring changes in the environment in the era of uncontrolled human expansion.