András Cséfalvay's exhibition at SODA Gallery In Bratislava.

Dimora Artica presents Upgrade, a collective exhibition showing the works of nine young emerging artists born between 1989 and 1997.

Within the framework of the long-term project Other Knowledge, which we opened this year at the MeetFactory Gallery, we ask the overarching question, how do we explore the world with other ‘tools’ besides reason? Faith is one of the basic means of knowledge, though it avoids strict rationality. The exhibition Spiritualities: Three Contemporary Portrayals of Transcendence and Beliefs focuses on the theme of faith, particularly the characteristics of individual and collective spiritual experiences. It simultaneously forms an imaginary prologue to the whole exhibition cycle Other Knowledge, because it also refers to topics that will be developed in subsequent exhibitions (ritual, magic, drugs, relationship of humans to nature, wisdom of plants or technologies).

Group exhibition at Studio Prám in Prague.

Solo exhibition at Exile by Nazim Ünal Yilmaz, a Vienna-based artist working predominantly in painting.