K-Gold Temporary Gallery presents the anniversary exhibition “How to Fall with Grace”, curated by Nicolas Vamvouklis, on the occasion of its fifth continuous year of activities in Lesvos.

Tamás Waliczky’s first solo exhibition at the Ani Molnár Gallery presents his latest black and white 3D computergraphic series, which shows imaginary photo and movie cameras as well as projectors.

The exhibition “Everyday Witchcraft” examines everyday practices and habits as a significant part of art practice. Perceiving these practices as rituals, it is possible to create (fictitious) narratives and myths about artists’ work process and creativity.

In a scenario dominated by the closure of national borders, by racial fear and suspicion, by cultural and sexual prejudices, SAGG NAPOLI's research questions the concepts of productivity, self-control and achievement, as well as those of cultural inferiorization, subordination, subjectification, hierarchy and becoming.

The Signs in the Sky project represents the latest artworks by Łukasz Patelczyk. The artist offers a summary of all the issues he has been most interested in, over the last few years.