František Skála solo exhibition at Fait Gallery in Brno.

In his works, the painter Thorben Eggers draws on found pictorial material, which he transfers into an analogous, painterly context into eternity.

Stefano Perrone and Przemek Pyszczek's exhibition curated by Domenico De Chirico at RIBOT Gallery in Milan.

For her first solo exhibition in Austria, Evelyn Taocheng Wang shifts her focus onto the fantasies, prejudices, and stereotypes of Chinese tourists in Vienna that is suggested as the epitome of European culture and civilization.

"Narcotics " group show including works by Ilja Karilampi, Nik Kosmas, Cosima von Bonin, Kareem Lotfy & Katja Novitskova at Temnikova & Kasela Gallery In Tallinn.