Anna Irina Russell's solo show at Bombon Projects in Barcelona.

Group exhibition curated by Tina Poliačková & Lumír Nykl at Holešovická Šachta in Prague.

Deserted streets and the walking dead: the end of capitalism as dreamed in our collective imagination…Sumer is pleased to present Zombies Everywhere, its first physical exhibition since reopening post lockdown. The exhibition features recent work by Yolunda Hickman (Auckland) and Michael Kennedy (Melbourne). The exhibition brings together the work of two young artists that in varying ways, provide prisms through which one views a world, ugly and absurd; a world for which we unwittingly find ourselves part. These are works are not for sense-making but for something altogether different.

Vladislav Markov's solo exhibition at Spazio ORR in Brescia.

Mark Fridvalszki's exhibition takes us back to the fundamental aspect of the looping nostalgia that fuelled several decades of the last century. The longing for the espace present in the emancipatory movements of the 60s and 70s. The recurring promise of the better forever present in the history of the techno-optimistic 90s. The spectrum of nostalgia for better times inhabited our realm and now takes vengeance on us by adding painfully accurate meaning to the words – we have seen better days.