Group show with Botond Keresztesi, Ad Minoliti, Julia Varela and Evita Vasiljeva.

Dear friends of the gallery, we would like to introduce you to our newest artist: ANNE LAURE SACRISTE. We are happy to announce the french artist´s frst solo show “Orion Aveugle” in our gallery, which is going to be her first show in Germany.

Current Project presents Abisso Elastico, a solo exhibition by Francesco Pacelli.

The latest works of Anikó Robitz with family photos from the early 80's, Mexican Milagros and 3D printing, are exhibited in their individual exhibition titled Holographic Memories.

Nevven is proud to present Gossamer Threads, the first solo exhibition in Sweden by American artist Emma Kohlmann, featuring a selection of her poetic and erotic watercolours and ceramics.