Solo exhibition by Manuel Fois at Spazio Orr in Brescia.

EXILE and CFA are pleased to present a solo exhibition by Berlin-based artist Paul Sochacki entitled Soul of the desert. The exhibition is be held at CFAlive, via Rossini 3, Milan.

As creators of exhibition content - artists, coordinators and curators - we repeatedly face various installation botch-ups. Our minimalist works wobble on the carelessly put together cubes, they get damaged in last-minute shipments and fall off gallery walls, along with crooked nails. Even though we quietly curse at the improperly used bubble wrap, we know we are not allowed to shout. The institutional criticism to date is taking its toll – you are not supposed to get pissed off, loudly and rudely. Hence, we decided to follow the beaten path and create the exhibition that would provide a polite commentary on the situation.

Bita Razavi’s ongoing project Museum of Baltic Remont is composed of documentation of what may appear to be a mundane task. Over the last three years, she has been renovating an abandoned house in the Estonian countryside and an apartment in Tartu.

Photo documentation of the exhibition by EJTECH: All direction is curved, all motion is spiral at Easttopics Budapest.