This exhibition is a labyrinth of silly images, masks and a bunker of something heavy and precious to me. In this roofless room at the top of a house close to the Danube River in Budapest there is a chance high of getting lost between what is stupid and what is serious, what is light and what is heavy.

Lily Robert presents » SUCK ON ME HARDER I EAT YOU FOR STARTER « a solo show by Josefin Arnell.

Sári Ember's solo exhibiton at the Artkartell projecktspace in Budapest.

Dimora Artica presents Taixunia, a solo exhibition by Giusy Pirrotta. Combining different references drawn from cultural anthropology and contemporary sociology, the project is developed around the myth of lost paradise, between illusion and reality.

One of the most basic human needs - trust - connects the works of Kareem Lotfy, Evelyn Plaschg, Fabio Santacroce and Anne Schmidt. The exhibition’s title, VERTRAU MIR (Trust me), mediates between trust’s positive dimension, as a friendly invitation, and, on the other hand, its suspicious invasiveness, as a pushy request for granting a leap of faith.