The work of Zorka Ságlová distinguishes itself in its unusual versatility on one hand, and its extraordinary continuity and internal cohesion on the other. The scale of her formal expression has ranged from classical painting and drawing to spatial objects, assemblages, stamp art, or so-called action drawings, as well as her still somewhat neglected photographic work to her vast artistic tapestries and work in the countryside that moves somewhere on the edge of action art and land art.

What makes us humans is our ability to signify, to create meaning, to accumulate it and to shape memory. Meanings are fundamental tools to the individual and collective creation of reality: they produce a common field through which we communicate, think, easily navigate the world and to exist.

Taking care of a new-born child, taking care of an artwork. Giving the same attentions, the same gestures, worrying not to hurt it, not to break anything. The same craving for knowledge. A new-born child becomes the core of the family in which it is born. Everything revolves around that tiny, precious, person in the making. It is not unlikely to hear someone say “Can I hold it?”, and the child is restlessly handed over from person to person. Attention is given to its head, we try our best not to cause it any pain and to make it feel at ease.

Soft action, and interior moments are captured with a hotness that tumbles through each vignette of Louis Fratino’s paintings. The paintings flit focus between time periods and styles in a way that seems at once personal and archetypal, so that one is unsure if they are depicting a family member, lover, or a more generalized depiction of the body conjured from art historical references.

Good evening! I am Mónika from Budapest Hungary and I am a nail artist. My passion is my hobby is my job is my life. Cuticle pushing, etching, matting – I am preparing the nail plate with spray prep and primer two.