Group exhibition with Titania Seidl, Jakob Kolb, Šárka Koudelová at Goldschlag 70 in Vienna.

Leontina Berkova and Dávid Biró's exhibition at VUNU Gallery in Kosice.

Dimora Artica presents Enigma, a solo exhibition by Iacopo Pesenti (Milan, 1990). The project combines a selection of recent works, characterized by a metaphysical atmosphere. In Pesenti's paintings, unknown or transfigured objects inhabit a space that, through openings and tubular shapes, seems to communicate with other dimensions.

Rūta Butkutė lives and works in Netherlands and ‘Somersault’ is her first solo show in Lithuania combining multiple types of mediums: sculpture, video art, ceramics and performance.

Group exhibition curated by Cédric Fauq at Nir Altman in Münich.