What is the purpose behind thinking over the duality between human and bestiality? The return towards a more scientific approach - rather than literary - about the study of mankind and its world, reveals us today a new path.

Newly opened project space in Berlin on the corner of Potsdamer Strasse and Kurfurstenstrasse begins its program with a group show.

Paulina Stasik paints tongues, ears, breasts and hands; the body in her paintings is subject to fragmentation and situations she creates are nearly de-realised. A dream of a symbolic merging with an object of emotional interest turns out to be nearly surreal. Only the endless desire remains.

Kristóf Szabó (KristófLab) is an artist observing urbanisation and the changes of various living spaces and their layers of significance. On his latest exhibition the surrounding reality is displayed in details, while Budapest manifests in single pixels.

Constructed spaces, a sight balancing on the border between the virtual world and reality; statues existing only for thirty minutes: Dávid Bíró and Csilla Klenyánszki experiment with grasping the uncertainty. We meet situations which are planned but still have an uncertain outcome.