eins Gallery is pleased to present Phanos Kyriacou’s solo exhibition, entitled Garden Sculptures.

The exhibition brings together photographs by Andreas Mühe and paintings by Sebastian Nebe. Both Mühe and Nebe make art that grapples with their roots and the places and contexts in which they grew up. At a time of political uncertainty, the demise of utopian visions, and an increasingly poisonous social climate, their works reflect on the collective and individual longings and anxieties of today.

Tile project space is pleased to present Day in, Day Out, a collective exhibition that explores the emergingin the recent times of a particular form of sensitivity that finds expression in the research of particular states of intensity and authenticity. Specifically conceived for the exhibition, the works of Guendalina Cerruti, Giulio Scalisi, Agnese Smaldone and Alice Visentinshowcase an emotional experience with the aim of reevaluatingthose human conditions that have been discouraged by the common thought because they are considered obsolete and untimely.

The exhibition "Prati bagnati del monte Analogo" brings together works of art which flirt with outdated, anti-modern and, to a certain extent, anti-social models of existence by using raw, natural materials, traditional techniques, or dated symbolic patterns. Thus, the group show reacts to artistic tendencies whose programmatically stylistic approaches make a clear departure from technologically based aesthetics alluding to a historical "now".

Kogo Galery presents a solo exhibition of Eva Mustonen, in Tartu, Estonia.