A workshop-performance within the frame of 'Crisis What Crisis' performance festival in Budapest. Concept by Imre Bokányi and Zsófia Jauernik, participants: Bernadett Csontos, Balázs Kellner, Eszter Márkus, Jessica Lea Miley, Tamás Pál.

Montecristo Project is an exhibition space and an artistic and curatorial office based in a deserted island along the Sardinian coast. As its opening exhibition of 2018 Montecristo Project is thrilled to present the first ever group show on its island, hosting the sculptural works of four different artists: Carlos Fernandez Pello, Karlos Gil, Alfredo Rodriguez and Alessandro Vizzini.

Wojciech Ireneusz Sobczyk is an artist who’s decidedly un-contemporary. His interests are focused on a broadly understood concept of humanism, while his artistic practice draws from traditional, oftentimes even archaic, techniques, topics and iconographies.

Augmented Sunrise Beneath The Skin features 10 artists producing work in Miami, Florida, and Berlin, Germany. The exhibition seeks to expose and subvert the infrastructural spaces and codes that dictate how our bodies relate to, live and work in the cities we call home.

In his first solo exhibition at VILTIN Gallery, the artistic program of Árpád Forgó (1972) takes shape through his unique artworks group along the nodes crystallized over the past decades.