Group exhibition curated by Ágnes Keszegh at SKURC in Budapest.

Should we forget about the whole thing?!

Exhibiting artists: Olívia Brunner, Bíborka Gacsályi, Sándor Körei, Marcell Marosfalvi, Dominika Márton, Bogi Milinszki, Írisz Papp, Luca Pataki, Vivien Reining, Ditta Sarfenstein, Réka Schell, Lilla Judit Sipos, Dóra Szöllősi, Emma Teleki
Curator: Ágnes Keszegh
October 2-4, 2021 
SKURC, Budapest

"The whole scale of remembering is involved in the viewer's perception of the relationship between the artwork, the world it presents, and another world that is not present."
(Katalin Keserü)

By breaking the linear flow of time, the exhibiting artists create their own connections to the experience of time in a heterogeneous culture; from the metaphysical foundations of reality, they cast an imagination into a sensual and unique form.
We all live in the Now. We are bounded on both sides by the "not anymore" of the past and the "not yet" of the future. We can never reach these two horizons, yet thinking about them interlaces our entire lives. As conscious beings, this is the only way we are able to define ourselves and justify our existence. In the idea of homogenised time, the traditional spacetime coordination ceases to exist, and thanks to modern means of communication, distant things invade personal time. We notice the global events of the present, but we can’t act upon them, do anything about them, or change them. The world becomes a perpetual theatre locked in the present moment.
Remembering gives us the opportunity to break out and experience time in a cyclical way, so that our lethargical consciousness bound in the present can be recharged with nostalgia of experience and individual time.

Photo: Antal Gabelics