YWNWA - a solo show by Paris-based multi-disciplinary artist Cécile di Giovanni - an immersive game without rules.

Cécile di Giovanni: You Will Never Walk Alone
15 October - 6 November 2021
Goswell Road, Paris

The sculptural work ‘YWNWA Totem’ (2021), based on a mu ren zhuang (Chinese: 木人樁) which translated means “wooden man post”, stands as an ambient threat in the centre of the space. The works around it arm, protect, and modify our bodies. Inspired by real and fictional situations, Giovanni tries, not without irony, to reveal through the symbolic strength that these objects and materials induce, the power, the complexity, and the sides of the human mind when it is backed into its more extreme corners.

Childhood, its ruptures, nostalgia, and innocence give way to the inevitable violence of things coming to an end ...

Cécile di Giovanni lives and works in Paris, France. YWNWA is her first solo exhibition.

Goswell Road is a non-profit artist-run space based in Paris, France, founded in November 2016 by artist duo Ruiz Stephinson. The name originates from the road the artists lived on in London, before relocating to Paris, and is said to derive from the phrase “God’s Well,” which references the pagan practice of well-worship. With each show a book is published and flowers are curated in parallel with the works shown.

Photo: All Images Courtesy Goswell Road & Cécile di Giovanni