Darja Shatalova's solo exhibition at periscope In Salzburg.

After the closure of an artist’s oeuvre, it often occurs that more and more new aspects come to life in connection with the broader interpretation of the cultural legacy. However, the case of ceramic artist Mária SZILÁGYI is quite unique, since the artist, who had completed her studies at the Hungarian University of Arts and Design, provided artworks as props for Etus Szikszay, one of the iconic main characters of the series Szomszédok from 1987 to 1999.

Group exhibition with Lisann Lillevere & Johanna Ruukholm, Denisa Štefanigová curated by Lilian Hiob at Hobusepea Gallery in Tallinn.

Group exhibition at Hoast with works by Lukas Matuschek m Marie Reichel, Wolfgang Matuschek.

Dishon Yuldash's soloshow at Daipyat in Voronezh.