Vitaly Bezpalov's solo exhibition at Plague Space in Krasnodar.

Galerie Paris-Beijing is delighted to announce the second solo show of the Slovakian artist Lucia Tallová. This exhibition was organized with the support of the Institut Slovaque de Paris.

Exhibition Hoy puede ser tu día (Today could be your day) curated by Ali A. Maderuelo and Julia Castelló with the artists Guillermo Ros, Amalia Ulman, Paul Barsch & Tillman Hornig, Real Madrid and Jaume Clotet. This group exhibition opened on February 26 at Espai Tactel Toormix gallery in Barcelona, and can be visited until May 14, 2021. 

Dimora Artica presents Mutante il corpo mio s'abissa, a personal exhibition by the artist Matteo Gatti with a text by Deborah Maggiolo. The exhibition investigates the concept of "monster" as a material and symbolic construct through a series of works that take shape in different media, including installation and drawing. Developing into a path that hypothesizes an alternative mutation of the existent, Gatti's work opens up to possible new scenarios of becoming. 

RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE  in collaboration with the EVERYBODY NEEDS ART presents Jószef Csató's solo exhibition in Ljubljana.