In the solo exhibition "My Hands", KALI Gallery presents the new series of works by Czech artist Markéta Jáchimová (b. 1988), which deals with intercultural exchange and the contrasts between the present and the past.

Nightcrawlers is a solo show by Pinar Marul at Eldem Sanat Alanı|Fırın in Eskisehir, Turkey.

Arkartell is happy to present the solo exhibition of Ádám Dóra: Cloud Walker. Dóra belongs to the youngest generation of Hungarian artists. In his latest series he painted monumentally oversized and infantile sneakers in front of fluffy cartoon clouds using abstractish patches and easy brushwork. Easy pop above the clouds.

Allyson Packer's soloshow at ENSA Bourges in France.

Flora Leite presents ‘Crust’, an exhibition that has its place as a generative element of the works, investigating its holes, coatings and sockets, which are translated by her repertoire of interest in landscape, decoration, and exhibition spaces. The works operate like a crust: shaped closely to the space, hollow in their materiality. Made in the entanglement between the artist's production and the room, 'Crust' generates an exhibition event that is both mimetic and idiosyncratic.