Josefína Jonášová's solo exhibition curated by Jitka Mrázková at Studio PRÁM in Prague.

Josefína Jonášová: Osobáček II
Curated by Jitka Mrázková
 24 August – 7 September, 2021
Studio PRÁM, Prague

The exhibition is a follow-up to OSOBÁČEK (I) which was held here in 2017.

You will enter four rooms one by one. For a while, you will find yourself behind a mirror like “Alice in Wonderland”, where seemingly unrelated themes merge with one another. Some of these themes represent weighty, painful reality, whereas others a playful, dream-like, almost bizarre world. Various seemingly incompatible techniques and materials are combined with ease, helping to highlight the absurdity of sensitive topics and the harsh present. Josefína takes great care when it comes to naming her works. The names are very often apt plays on words that are witty and may contain hidden double entendres or a deeper meaning. The exhibition is accompanied by screams, comments, and drawings by her three-year old daughter Žofie; which provide a clue for visitors, enabling them to immerse themselves faster and deeper into the game in which Josefína cleverly draws them. It is truly up to you if you want to see the world around you through pessimistic, realistic, playful, colourful or a child’s eyes. Enjoy the exhibition in your own unique way. Josefína will guide you in the game with bravura and your fears will subside.
Josefína Jonášová graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (the art of sculpture taught by Jaroslav Róna) in 2012. She is a member of the Prám studio, so transporting the objects for the exhibition proved to be no problem. Her focus is on creating small sculptures, as well as larger sculptures for public spaces and large paintings. Experimenting with new unconventional techniques, materials and themes is her forte. The resulting works of art she likes to “season” with apt – sometimes poetic, very often sarcastic – texts. As a member of the music group Vobezdud, she likes to play violin at her own vernissages and those of her colleagues.