Kvet Nguyen at Soda Gallery in Bratslava.

Kvet Nguyen: Mutual Otherness
August 3 - 27, 2021
Soda Gallery, Bratislava


Hosts: Veronika Yungová, Nga Vu Thi, Quynh Anh La Thi, Diana Khwaja, Nastaran A Motlagh, Darjan Hardi, Jason Michael Jap

Clothing design: Veja Kocarik
Technical support: Palo Choma & Tomáš Umrian
Supervisor of the exhibition: Jana Hojstričová

Supervisor of the diploma thesis: Beata Jablonská
External examiner: Jen Kratochvíľ

Mutual otherness

The word otherness causes goosebumps. The ones that remind us of an unimaginable adventure full of colors, and those that spring up when it suddenly cools down and we look for a quick refuge. Both reactions arise from today's dichotomy: on one hand, us as global consumers of benefits, and on the other hand, us not letting anything in that could be regarding the other. The anticolonial vision of cross-cultural identities is the main goal of the Mutual Otherness. The project has brought conversations with people of different origins with the experience of local space, while transforming their experience into formless movement. This experience then becomes a creative deformation, a process of creation and extinction of forms, but also an event that places forms on the border of visible and invisible, known and unknown, present and absent.

Hoa Nguyen Thi born 1995. She is currently completing her master’s degree in photography at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Her bachelor’s thesis got a second-place award at the World Biennial of Student Photography in 2019, and in the same year this work was exhibited at the fjúžn Festival. In 2018, she was a finalist in SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO in the category for students and young photographers under 26. She completed study stays at Plymouth College of Art in England and the prestigious Royal Academy of Art in Netherlands. Her works have been exhibited both in Slovakia – OFF Festival (2017, 2020), in the Nitra Gallery (2020), in Banská Štiavnica (2020), in Artapiešťany (2020), and abroad – in the Netherlands as part of a collective exhibition (2020), in Poland in Galeria Promocyjna, Krakow (2017) and at the presentation of photo books in Poznań (2017), in France at LIVRE PARIS (2019), in Belgrade, Serbia at a group exhibition (2019). Kvet Nguyen deals with the themes of otherness and identity not only in her art projects, but also tries to talk about it outright and open a discussion in interviews or other platforms. For example, in 2018, she prepared together with newspaper Denník N a report on the story of the Vietnamese in Slovakia, which was recently awarded a Journalist Award (Novinárska cena).