The exhibition by Lucia Gašparovičová and Ján Gašparovič (both SK) with their guest Ramon Feller (CH) presents their way of thinking about space and physical substance of events which have been given long-term focus in their respective creative endeavors. As artists, they are also interested in the issues of contemporary philosophy related to life in the so-called post-digital age, asking questions about the substance of value of things or truth of statements and events.

EJTECH is Esteban de la Torre and Judit Eszter Kárpáti. A polydisciplinary studio based in Budapest, Hungary, working with unstable media, alternative interfaces, electronic textiles and future materials, focusing their artistic research on the cross modal synergy between the physical and digital, the process of sensory integration and further explorations on human-computer interaction via interactive installations and dynamic art pieces. Haptic audio-visual alchemy, and techno-spiritualism.

Oleg Frolov’s and Tobias Kaspar’s duo show "Epicentre" at Temnikova & Kasela uses an image of the planet Earth by night as visual promotion.

New work by artists Sean Donovan, Vladislav Markov, Jonathan Mildenberg will be on view at Cornell University 25 November through 09 December 2018.

Exhibition Power In The Museum by Radovan Cerevka, an important sculptor and artist from the middle generation, brings viewers works with multiple meanings.