In her third exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd will present a series of ten new paintings wall-mounted structures which explode the distinctions between painting, performance, film and sculpture. The works mark a dramatic expansion of Chetwynd’s painting practice, substituting the miniature scale of her long-running Bat Opera series for a newly expansive and multifarious format.

Gianni Manhattan is pleased to present Procrustean Flatulence, Sebastian Jefford's first solo show with the gallery. Accompanying the exhibition is the second publication released by Gianni Manhattan Publishing, Sebastian Jefford's short story - In the City. This publication is dedicated to the memory of Mary Maclean.

This exhibition checks in on subjectivity in the postmodern era: challenged to remodel itself, its material existence as much as its ideas, it confronts powers both old and new that put their stamps upon it. It encounters the construction of political bodies and representations that have lately taken on something like the feudalist and anti-democratic cast of yore. Where power seeks to maintain continuity, it incorporates a human community’s collective body into a symbolically exalted subject: Long Live the King!

The sewing machine needle goes up and down at a steady pace. The work finished is observed, with equal persistence, by a sliding camera of the Friend of the Moon video. The close look at fabrics and their structure is typical of Tania Nikulina’s work.

Péter Puklus (1980) shows a selection of his newest works adapted to the space of Trafó Gallery. Puklus, born in Cluj-Napoca, graduated at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, is a pioneer figure of his generation which started experimenting with the intersections of photography, sculpture and installation-art. It is also part of his multi-layered artistic agenda to publish his photo-series in different artist book formats.