Constructed spaces, a sight balancing on the border between the virtual world and reality; statues existing only for thirty minutes: Dávid Bíró and Csilla Klenyánszki experiment with grasping the uncertainty. We meet situations which are planned but still have an uncertain outcome.

Grasping Uncertainty - An exhibition of Dávid Biró and Csilla Klenyánszki
29 March - 4 May, 2018
Trapéz Gallery, Budapest

Csilla Klenyánszki built statues for the series entitled “Pillars of Home” which reached from the ground to the ceiling – from everyday objects found in her apartment. The temporary installations are of different size, their level of complexity is varied; the carefully arranged objects balance each other. However, the delicate statues might collapse in any moment, this way depriving the creator of the opportunity to correct, while depriving the photograph of the ideal of perfection. 

The visual world of video games and 3D graphics inspired the compositions of Dávid Biró, where it is not quite clear whether we see reality or a picture manipulated by the computer. Extended reality has become a part of our everyday lives and not only is it a gradually growing challenge to distinguish between the two types of reality but to leave the parallel universe created by technology is also getting more and more difficult.

Photo: Dávid Biró