Kristóf Szabó (KristófLab) is an artist observing urbanisation and the changes of various living spaces and their layers of significance. On his latest exhibition the surrounding reality is displayed in details, while Budapest manifests in single pixels.

Budapest Pixel - Exhibition of Kristóf Szabó (KristófLab)
Curated by: Nóra Hanka
11 April - 27 April, 2018
Magyar Műhely Gallery, Budapest

For Kristóf the possibilities given by analytic approach and digitalisation are tools for individual reality decoding. His works are based on his photos of the city which are functioning as a kind of memory storage, but these are revised and transformed from time to time.

Classic technics, glitch art and different forms of digitalisation are both presented in his exhibited pieces. On his graphics not only colors and shapes are mixed, but also intentional picture defects, tone-blocks and stratifications are added during the process of art. Hiatuses, darkened, concealed parts has equally important role as familiar places. This way different point of views, plains are created and behind the documentarist portrayal, individual perspective is appearing.

On the exhibition we can see the reinterpreted, reconstructed cityscapes of the artist proceeding from his photographs. The buildings of downtown or Csepel and some areas of public transport are appearing in a kind of utopistic conception.