A guide-tour of Sardinian archaic, weird and marvelous stone sculpture (La costante resistenziale) is a project of the artistic-curatorial duo Montecristo Project started in 2018.

( La Costante Resistenziale )
Curated by Valentina Bartalesi, Laura Lecce, Lidia Bianchi
January 25 - March 25, 2020
Montecristo Project, Pelagica, Via Principe Eugenio 42, Milan

 As suggested by the imaginative title, it consists of a sculptural, photographic and documentary atlas, , aimed at witnessing the Sardinian artistic testimonies in its most authentic manifestations. The term "Costante resistenizale" (constance of resistence), theorized by the Sardinian archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu between the end of the sixties and the early seventies, identifies as a constitutive character of Sardinian culture its "resistance", that is, its ability to maintain its own originality regardless of external influences-colonizations. And it is from this assumption that the reflection of Montecristo Project arises, investigating the tensions that have animated the Sardinian artistic panorama from the Second post-war period until today. A varied panorama, almost bicephalous, which sees on the one hand the sophisticated and internationalist language developed in the fifties by a team of avant-garde artists, fundamentally foreign to a regional dimension, and on the other the existence of such ancient expressive forms, like eternal traces of a "non-culture" sedimented over time.
By searching the Sardinian territory in all its extension, Montecristo Project traces, "collects" and catalogs those specimens of art detached from categories such as folkloric, artisan or typical. Instead it is the original, the primitive, the peripheral and the non-cultural to represent the indispensable parameters of this project.
On the occasion of the personal exhibition of the artist-curators at Pelagica, the exhibition space will be transformed into a temporary gipsotheque intended to display copies and simulacra. This because the works-testimony of Montecristo Project are first of all copies, generated through a physical contact put in place, from time to time with different techniques and materials including plaster, silicone rubber and clay. They are configured in a series of negatives and positives of anthropomorphic sculptures, of faces. The creation processes are as heterogeneous as they are singular. Sometimes the originals are transported to the studio by the artists and processed in order to obtain a negative; in other cases, the inability to transfer the sculpture resulted in the sculptural re-creation of the subject itself, or its photographic documentation. Thus, there is a very close correlation between image, technique and subject. The cast, the physical simulacrum of an absent referent, aims to re-establish a direct relationship between the work and the user, a connection that is not only visual but also tactile, concrete: seeing with the hands and touching with the eyes, the casts of a "resistant" art gallery.

Montecristo Project is an exhibition space and an artistic-curatorial project based on a deserted island along the Sardinian coasts, founded by Enrico Piras and Alessandro Sau in 2016.