WERK is proud to present Leopard Velvet, Spider Silk, a solo exhibition by María León (Mérida, 1984), a Spanish artist based in Berlin.

María León: Leopard Velvet, Spider Silk
24-25 November, 2018 
WERK, Berlin

Continuing with her artistic research on how materials and spaces formed by them affect us, María León creates an exhibition situation with materials from the space itself, using the gallery´s structure as a starting point of her formal investigation.

Polystyrene wall mouldings which imitate plaster, a mobile phone that seems to be a hinge, sculptures made with polystyrene packages, iron bars and wiring, are some of the works. Materials from the field of interior design and architecture, used for decoration, construction or conduction of energy, but which the artist shows devoid of its original function as autonomous aesthetic entities.


Photo: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist