EKKM is proud to present Ingel Vaikla’s first solo exhibition You Have Become the Space. The exhibition derives from the idea that architecture and the human body may be integral to one another – architecture is changed by and dependent upon its user, while that user must adapt to the architectural environment. Two new spatial video works unfold at EKKM, their constructions designed by architects Laura Linsi and Roland Reemaa.

Curated by Laura Toots
17 November  –16. December, 2018
Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Tallin

Vaikla’s work examines the relationship between architecture, film and memory, emphasises the passing of time, the thread that connects them all. The spatial and social tensions created through the passing of time are analysed with the help of the characters in her films.

As a visual artist and film-maker Vaikla has studied the proximity between active and passive viewing practices. In a cinema, the duration, narrative and even the spatial position of the viewer in relation to the screen, are all fixed. In a gallery space, however, the viewer has the opportunity to throw those parameters into disarray and choose to accept the cinematographic and physical obstructions and uncertainties offered by the exhibition.

Ingel Vaikla graduated from the Department of Photography of the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA 2015) and the Department of Film of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (MA 2017), and is currently attending the postgraduate residency programme HISK, also in Ghent. Her research focuses on the relationship between architecture and its users, and the representation of architecture in photography and film. Vaikla’s films The House Guard (2015) and Roosenberg (2017) have been screened internationally at film festivals and art institutions. Vaikla has also curated numerous experimental film programmes, with a focus on artists’ moving images.

Curator: Laura Toots
Architects: Laura Linsi and Roland Reemaa
Graphic designer: Ott Metusala
Technical production: Henri Eek, Hans-Otto Ojaste, Taavi Suisalu, Johannes Säre, Mihkel Säre and Kadri Villand
With thanks to: Adrian Lenglet, Ruth Ojala, Jasper Rigole, Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla, Urmo Vaikla, Jeroen Verrecht and Caroline Voet
Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Majatohter

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication in English and Estonian.
Texts by Angelique Campens, Chiara Guidi, Laura Linsi, Roland Reemaa and Laura Toots.
Graphic design by Ott Metusala.
Published by EKKM and Lugemik.

Works presented at the exhibition:

Spatial installation with multi-channel video projection
7’30’’ loop, with sound
Sound design: Simonluca Laitempergher
Grading: Max Golomidov

3-channel video
10’ loop, with sound
Appearances: Lisa Dahlquist, Hans Van der Laan, Derek te Rijdt
Sound design: Simonluca Laitempergher
Colour grading: Max Golomidov
Footage used from IICADOM archive of home videos.


Photo: Anu Vahtra