On the occasion of SPAZI 2018, Rehearsal invites Current for a group exhibition in the new space of via G.B. Passerini 18, with artists belonging to the two project spaces.

Agostino Bergamaschi, Tania Fiaccadori, Carlo Miele
05.10.2018 → 10.11.2018
Rehearsal, Milano, Italy

The director was surely too fat for the typical chair on which he was being supported. Looking at him, with the dense folds of skin that seemed to be dripping slowly, like honey, from the empty spaces under the armrests and from the canvas back, the chair looked more like a cage wrapped tightly around an oversized animal.

With dark glasses covering his eyes, I couldn’t say whether he was genuinely watching the wooden stage with its slightly artificial red curtains at the sides (oh well, it’s just a rehearsal), on which the eight miniature ballerinas in their standard uniform of white tutus were aligning themselves on pointe, in a parallel row opposite the stalls. His complete lack of awareness of the surrounding area would have prevented him from glimpsing anything incongruous, least of all a threat sketched out in the shadows but to be carried out in a mere instant.

Not far behind the dilapidated curtains, the evil Dark waited for the opportune moment. He knew the choreography inside out. He knew it better than the director, they said. And so, his envy worsened, exacerbating his most evil qualities along with it, as is often the case.

Now the ballerinas, in a row on pointe, were opening their arms in coordination, the tips of their fingers barely grazing each other.

The choreography was perfect, and Dark knew that the moment had come. With a 3000-volt jack in one hand he ran quickly through the backstage space separating him from the nearest ballerina and, just like a snakebite, sparked the weapon’s tip onto the hand of the tutu-wearing midget.

It was a moment of pure fire.

The current flew through the performers’ touching fingertips, instantly engulfing them in flames.

Delirious with pain, the midgets, who by now were truly dancing flames, took to running every which way. One got trapped in the curtain at the side of the stage, infecting it rapidly with the fire.

From the moment of the incident to when the entire theatre was devoured by the flames, the director didn’t move a single finger, almost as if he’d been dead or profoundly asleep the entire time.  


Rehearsal Project was started in Milan in 2016 as a traveling space; in 2018 takes over the current space. Through group exhibitions over the course of two years, the project wanted to provide artists with the opportunity to develop and make visible the processes of their research, using the spaces as "studio in the window".

CURRENT is a platform started by artists and curators. It is based in an independent space in Milan, a place for experimentation and exhibition of contemporary forms of creation and is open to collaborations with other Italian and international artistic projects.