Montecristo Project is thrilled to present the first exhibition in its new space in Sardinia. Built to host Sebastien Bonin’s exhibition, this small, open, striped wooden cube is located in a secluded location up the Sardinian mountains.

15 October - 30 November, 2018
Curated by Montecristo Project (Enrico Piras – Alessandro Sau)
in collaboration with Emmanuelle Indekeu (Island Brussels)
Undisclosed location in Sardinian mountains, Italy
In collaboration with Island (Bxl)

Inspired by the work of Ugo Ugo (1924), artist and director of the Galleria Comunale d’Arte di Cagliari, this space will host an yearly program of projects by artists-curators, starting with the founder of Island (Brussels), Sebastien Bonin.

This structure, imagined as a small modernist barn to be located into an open landscape, is conceived as either a filter and a background for Bonin’s paintings, themselves being layered pictorial constructions reproducing representations. Skies, clouds, plants, pots, are not skies, clouds, plants and neither pots; they rather exist on the canvas as images denying referenciality. The space itself, based on an unrealized project designed by Ugo Ugo, opens up perspectives and striped layers upon the landscape of south Sardinia mountains, as to add background on background in the photographic representation of the pictorial works.