Montecristo Project is an exhibition space and an artistic and curatorial office based in a deserted island along the Sardinian coast. As its opening exhibition of 2018 Montecristo Project is thrilled to present the first ever group show on its island, hosting the sculptural works of four different artists: Carlos Fernandez Pello, Karlos Gil, Alfredo Rodriguez and Alessandro Vizzini.

with: Carlos Fernandez Pello, Karlos Gil, Alfredo Rodriguez and Alessandro Vizzini

July 19 -  August 20, 2018
Mediterranean sea, Sardinia, Italy

The works are individually exhibited on different spots of the island, each relating to the landscape and the different morphologies of the islet. A narrative exhibition of a one day journey around a deserted island, among rocks, plants, beaches and ruins, this psycho-exhibition is Montecristo Project's first attempt at reversing an exhibition logic by turning it into an imaginary journey of its land. Each work was specifically chosen or realized for the exhibition, as its documentation and contextualization was curated by Montecristo Project so to host and create a spread system of sculptures ideally protecting the island.