Barbara Kapusta's soloshow at Da In Die Front in Düsseldorf.

Barbara Kapusta: Futures
October  1-22, 2022
Da in die Front, Düsseldorf


Building on her ceramic work, Barbara Kapusta shows three figures cast from aluminum in her contribution to Da in die Front, entitled Futures. They stand at the back of the exhibition space and appear to form a group. Once the visitors move through the formation, however, it appears loose and may even be in the midst of falling apart. The three comic-like creatures, reminiscent of stick figures, bear names: One, Second and Third. This naming seems to suggest a formal counting through its sober nature.

On her invitation card, the Viennese artist uses a font she developed that is not immediately readable and the letters would have to be learned individually to decipher the entire content. Nevertheless, it is based on the alphabet, the associated number of 26 characters and thus remains in a comprehensible communication for us.

The letters beat upwards like flames, reminiscent perhaps of the energy needed to melt aluminum. A screen in the entrance of the exhibition shows a video work by Barbara Kapusta with sound by Lenka Adamkova. The visitors hear a voice to a strange, dystopian sound. Seemingly formal descriptions confront the viewers with the sketching of an uncertain future.

These speculations about another world, together with the alien-like and thus science fiction-touching characters address Kapusta's search for a world without hierarchy, for a different order, a new system and a form of community that might still be alien to us. The works were shown for the first time in early summer 2022 at Kunsthalle Bratislava.


One (Upright), 2022, aluminum, polished, 60 x 60 x 220 cm

Second (Reclining), 2022, aluminum, polished, 190 x 100 x 100 cm

Third (Upright), 2022, aluminum cast, polished, 60 x 60 x 220 cm

Futures, 2022, single-channel video, audio, 07:00 min, 55´ monitor, Raspberry Pie, aluminum pole
Sound: Lenka Adamkova