Piotr Łakomy's exhibition at Pani Domu in Poznan.

Piotr Łakomy: Eat and Sleep
16 September  – 9 October,.2022
Pani Domu, Poznan 

People Who Left the Building


reportedly only wanted to eat and sleep, sleep 
and eat. Yet all kinds 
of shelters give food for thought: prehistoric 
huts from the Ukrainian steppes, porticoes 
woven from mammoth tusks, skins stretched 
on bones discovered accidentally 
by a shrewd peasant planning clandestine 
expansion of his own cellar — all 
in a crooked manner shed some light 
on methods registered in architecture 
for creating doors, passageways and perimeters, 
structuring interiors directed 
against a seemingly separate nature, and yet 
constituting a secret extension of its 
system, an organic whole vaulted 
under single sky, cut off from the ground 
only by foundation. Because: „the sky 
is the vault that covers the entire 
of the earthly sphere, just as roof covers a house.”
This is what philosophers think about what poets 
do with buildings. It doesn't matter. 
At least in a place that sprawls 
suddenly in an allegorical stillness of floors and lights, 
of stairs and sleeping, and of meals 
consumed between the walls of buildings 
adjacent in this community of spaces 
(since forever) so closely to each other.
     Over a hundred years 
Mrs. Maria also lived here, in the shadow
of which grew the current institution. So from the beginning 
it was also about work, all that 
time spent in the studios, parallel 
realities of the unexamined floors (I'm also 
here, wondering how to actually 
close my own position with a side door 
of description), as well as about those skirting boards, 
in the strict sense of clarifying outline of the premises:
a virtual field recreated years later 
with the precision of an antique milling machine, which 
now stretches through time like a 
separate continuum of labour, to which 
we return to after sleeping and eating, returning 
and falling asleep, the circulation of dreams and meals 
registered on canvas in the form of a 
pizza or an umbrella, as well as in a styrofoam 
block, white oval of an ostrich egg (another 
shelter), in blueprints of the building 
that all these people have left, but it itself
after all, does never 
really leave you. 
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Text: Marcin Czerkasow

Photo: M. Piestrak