Zsuzsa Magyari's solo exhibiton at Tér-Kép Gallery in Budapest.

Zsuzsa Magyari: P.S.
Curated by: Kristóf Kovács (Gergely Sajnos), crime scene investigator
25 August  - 29 September, 2022
Tér-Kép Gallery, Budapest

In our time we often talk about the interrelation between different things, phenomena and events, the search and discovery of their relations and the creation of new ones. The observation is that the deeper we go into discovering the connection between the units, the closer they get to each other. Thereby the common bases gradually get revealed and the differences become de-emphasized. Thus we discover hard-to-notice, very closely related analogue connections.
People are curious exactly about these parallels because their revelation helps with understanding the ordinary. At the same time, it’s our common and just desire that to our capabilities we organise our things based on a unified approach, therefore we search for pivots that are universal, that aren’t connected to categories but stand above them. They were as valid in the past as in the present and will certainly be so in the future.

If we analyze the field of fine arts and visual culture, drawing continuous parallels, searching for subjective enouncements, pointing out differential features, as well as the creation of a unified system of relations that points beyond style categories, are particularly present.

The exhibition of Zsuzsa Magyari titled P.S. reacts to these questions through her own art. The installation consisting of the blend of her works that fills the whole space of the gallery follows a visual narrative. In this way, the intention of the works is not to record the passing moment, but to define a constant of substance and the intangible and visible systems of relations between them.

Photo: Mátyás Gyuricza