Elizaveta Ostapenko's soloshow at the KDK Offspace Deichtorhallen in Hamburg.

Elizaveta Ostapenko: My favourite journey between melting and freezing
09 – 15.07.2022
KDK Offspace Deichtorhallen, Hamburg

The shipping container on the square in front of the Deichtorhallen, the KDK OFFSPACE, provides a showcase exhibition space for young artists and cultural workers in the city of Hamburg.

The solo-exhibition of Elizaveta Ostapenko “My favourite journey between melting and freezing” shows a range of works focused on the process of deconstruction and reconstruction of the everyday urban environment. How can the process of transformation and movement be frozen and prolonged throughout time? How can ordinary viewpoints be destabilized and form new relationships with scale and perspective?

The exhibition consists of five objects, which are made of different materials such as plaster, papier-mâché, and ceramic, and are merged by a railway road which is a ready-made part. The length of the railway and the composition of objects can be dictated by the exhibition space, adapting to its scale and form. This installation is accompanied by a series of photographs, and a video available through a QR code. The work was awarded the DAAD Prize 2022 of the University of Fine Arts Hamburg.

The artist is sponsored by HFBK Hamburg.

Elizaveta Ostapenko was born in 1999, lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. In her practice, she draws inspiration from the urban environment and experiments with painting, printmaking, and photography, as well as sculptural techniques.