For his solo exhibition at DISPLAY, Emanuel Mooner presents Neoncore, a series of works aimed to rethink the relationship between natural energy, environment, and scrap materials.

Emanuel Mooner: Neoncore
Curated by Ilaria Monti
16 October  - 5 December, .2021
(by appointment only)
DIsplay, Parma

The artist conceptually explores the act of recycling, conceiving his works as the latest stadium of the transformation process of diverse items, which reaches its end in new forms and contexts.

The works from the project Neoncore series, which consist of mixed-media objects made of freeform handmade neon and metal floor panels, investigate the transformative nature of light as pure energy, and the way it can affect the appearance of the objects it relates to. Mooner uses neon light forms and letters he takes from old buildings’ signs, together with metal panels and plastics mostly found in trash yards. All materials are then transformed by the artist and turned into brand new objects.

The bright panels result from a cleaning process aimed to restore their intrinsic qualities and to reach out a sort of formal perfection: the artist treats them with colored powder coat and transparent layers which make colors vivid and translucent. Thus, light and metal become one body, influencing each other. When the neon lamp is on, the colors of the panels change, new nuances and glows appear on metal surfaces as well as into the surroundings.

Mooner makes the most from light properties to trigger aesthetic mechanisms which make each work dynamic, since their elements are prone to the principles of energy conversion and transformation. The combination of neon lights and scrap materials get to transform the exhibition space too: like if they were electronic devices, when the works are left in the dark room and lit out all together, they create a sort of imaginary kaleidoscope. Different colors fill the space mixing each other’s tone and intensity. The artist makes worn out and useless objects look new again, and he turns them into energy sources to shape new images and atmospheres.

Emanuel Mooner (Germany, b. 1972) is a Munich-based multidisciplinary artist. His research basically deals with ecological issues, and his works range from Neon art, Sound art, Objet trouvé and public installations.