Kristóf Lázár's solo exhibition at Galeri ffrindiau in Budapest.

Kristóf Lázár: You can’t take another ache inside your body. Press F1 to get help.
Curated by Laura Farkas
July 30 - August 1, 2021
Galeri ffrindiau, Budapest 

The exhibited works are surprising results of the collaboration between men and machine. These ad lib images overwritten by artificial intelligence reveal an unusual contrast. They render us an insight into a hybrid world where everything seems familiar, yet unknown.

“To create the images, I chose a software available to everyone, one that offers variety of user-friendly algorithms. The code I use converts a fairly simple MS Paint sketch into a photo-like image. On the palette thrown into the machine each colour indicates a well-defined colour code associated with certain material qualities. This is then projected by artificial intelligence into a corresponding patch taking into consideration its shape, environment and various other factors, thus miraging an ideally realistic sight.
The metaphysical atmosphere of the process is created by modelling human perceptions. I’m drawn to a notion according to which the appearance is not the reality itself, while the phenomenon is real. When I project my internal visions on a blank surface while painting, I do so similarly as in my everyday life among the scenes of reality.
These phenomena are pushing us to rethink our notion of art and that of humans in general.”

Kristóf Lázár (1996) graduated from Hungarian University of Fine Arts, painting department in 2020 in the class of Zsigmond Károlyi and Zoltán Ötvös. Currently he lives and works in Budapest, he is a member of Skurc Group.

Special thanks to Péter Janesch
Organised by: Simor&Krivocenko Art Management

Photo: Eszter Lázár