For his solo exhibition at the galerie l'axolotl, Jérémie Cosimi presents a new series of works, from which emerge his radiant spectres in the intimacy of ruins. In the abstraction of endless spaces, the artist captures the moment when the sun brings the stone to life: the warmth of a crumbly memory.

Jérémie Cosimi: Après le sable
Curated by Léo Fourdrinier and Julien Carbone
25 June 2021 - 17 September 2021
galerie l’axolotl, Toulon

The sand is the result of the disintegration of the rocks under the action of weathering and erosion. Entitled "Après le sable" (After the sand), the exhibition combines paintings and sculptures in the manner of an archaeological museum, here not chronological, but turned towards a possible future: that of the future of thoughts and images, of their metamorphosis and reminiscence.
With a virtuoso gesture and the precision of an archaeologist, Jérémie Cosimi paints objects and figures that have been found, altered, evanescent. A process of restoration takes place, where the artist saves the ghostly apparitions on the canvas, in his own staging or reframing, involving him intimately in the story he is building.
In the softness of flesh tones and sandy tones, his characters enter into synthesis with their environment, suggesting their own fossilization, or adaptation to an environment through the development of new biological systems and functions. The symbiosis of the human body with the plant, on the border of camouflage, reveals through a timid sublime an immortality of the discrete figure, a dreamed, vanished encounter.
This memory of a world travels through the works of Jérémie Cosimi, dazzling and fleeting like the last images of a persistent dream.

Text & Photography: Léo Fourdrinier