Mara Novak's solo exhibition at Bildraum07 in Vienna.

Mara Novak: Duct Tape Love Affair
June 22 - August 12, 2021
Bildraum07, Vienna

With the help of a replica of Bildraum07 in a 1:10 model, using direct exposures, various photo papers and a few rolls of duct tape, Mara Novak creates abstract camera obscura images of the exhibition space using her atelier as the motif. She translates those photographs into so-called "display sculptures". Mara Novak's work refers to the work in the darkroom: The building of the model, the negative-image-process, specific exposure times and the filters used to give the photo papers different colors and shades.
In addition to the architectural exploration of space, the artist's approach is always experimentally motivated. The results are works in which the tension between control and the unpredictable manifests itself. Nothing is suggested, attributed or dreamed of, no concept or statement is put into the work. The exhibition is a preoccupation with what is already there. It challenges us to get involved in this different presence and readability, this different embodiment and performance of images.