Dimora Artica presents Siamo venuti per guardare, the first solo show by Lorenzo D’Alba (1998), with a text by Marta Orsola Sironi. The exhibition investigates the theme of the archetypal dimension of the creative act and the relationship with the otherness.

Lorenzo D’Alba: Siamo venuti per guardare
Curated by Dimora Artica. Text by Marta Orsola Sironi
May 31 -  July 2, 2021
Dimora Artica , Via Dolomiti 11, Milano

Lorenzo D’Alba's research stems from the awareness of the dormant potential of the human creative act. According to him, the relationship with the world, the assimilation and the understanding of the other consist in the continuous negotiation between surfaces and space, paint and sculpture, plastic materials and tecnic experimentations. The artist's practice starts from a personal imagination in which marine suggestions are mixed with the fascination of a mysterious elsewhere. In this way, Lorenzo D'Alba shapes foreign yet somewhat familiar landscapes, where the invisible world of the imagination is transformed into plastic forms and visual narratives.

Lorenzo D'Alba at Dimora Artica brings to light a question of perspective. Siamo venuti per guardare takes inspiration from Ted Chang's Story of Your Life. According to the book, the relationship with the other can only be authentic if one learns to perceive the world from its point of view. In the same way, the artist shapes and educates his own stories to become autonomous realities, inhabited and habitable landscapes that teach how to identify with an otherness previously unknown.

A cycle of watercolors and some sculptures created by Lorenzo D’Alba during the last year are exhibited at Dimora Artica. An installation occupies all the gallery and transforms the space into a grotesque nature, an ideal habitat for sea urchins. Lorenzo D'Alba also presents a wall drawing with volutes and pictograms of prehistoric ancestry. The artist's intervention is not site specific: it is designed to colonize any space in which open up new dimensions.