Group exhibiton  at A.PA. Gallery curated by Anna Zilahi - Gideon Horváth and Rita Süveges. The exhibition is part of OFF-Biennale Budapest 2021.

ACLIM! Agency for Climate Imaginary!
Within the framework of the OFF-Biennale Budapest 2021
Artists: András CSÉFALVAY; Gideon HORVÁTH & Kata Dóra KISS; Tamás KASZÁS; Csilla NAGY; Rita SÜVEGES; Ádám ULBERT; Anna ZILAHI & Laura SZÁRI x Varsányi Szirének choir
Curated by: Anna ZILAHI; Gideon HORVÁTH; Rita SÜVEGESApril 23 - June 19, 2021
Ateliers Pro Arts - A.P.A. Gallery, Budapest

Can we grasp the planetary ecological crisis through local issues? What kind of knowledge can an ecological network researcher, an environmental psychologist and an artist formulate together, which can help us understand our present and our possible future? These are the types of questions posed by the Agency for Climate Imaginary! (ACLIM!), founded by the xtro realm artist group. The Agency houses research-based artistic projects and transdisciplinary theoretical inquiries dealing with the most burning ecological questions.
In the shadow of the climate crisis, the search for subversive local perspectives and alternative visions of the future is increasingly urgent. The question is not only whether we survive, but within what social framework we do so. The economic and political interests responsible for the exploitation of the ecosystem are not only responsible for the destruction of our habitat, but also impose a dominant constraint on the social imaginary that could lead us out of this dead end. The agents of ACLIM! proclaim that we must leave our fixed patterns of thought behind to liberate our imaginary. However, this also requires a new idea of knowledge, which, in addition to science, includes intuition, emotional intelligence, the totality of bodily experiences, artistic knowledge, or dialogue itself. The stake is the survival of our home.

The exhibition is part of OFF-Biennale Budapest 2021.

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Anna ZILAHI & Laura SZÁRI x Varsányi