Philip Hinge & Club Superette (presented by Catbox Contemporary) presents 'Fog Palace' an exhibtion at Plague Space in Krasnodar.

Philip Hinge & Club Superette (presented by Catbox Contemporary): Fog Palace
3 - 28 April, 2021
Plague Space, Krasnodar

Beyond the candles burning, I sea past you
To the astral ocean rising in high tide
My face is a river, water from a thousand tears floats in streams
Shivering through the shallow haze
Strangers explored the crypts
Turning the esoteric gifts I possess
Into mania at the portal to the shrine

Here where the days were nights and the nights were magic
With their throne in these shadowhalls
The sky is a lonely place, an endless consuming space
Taking me astray into the moonlight above these shores
I watch the feathers like Snow in the Winter

Seen yet impossible to gaze through
Mist and dust were now in this deathsleep cavern
The dreams and wonders slip through your fingers
Absorbing me into cryogenic system

Human Birds watch the sky
Spirits marching in fields of mist
Grim and bleak raised
To the banks of the rivers at
The edge of the forest by the fog palace


Photo: Vanya Venmer