Exhibition Hoy puede ser tu día (Today could be your day) curated by Ali A. Maderuelo and Julia Castelló with the artists Guillermo Ros, Amalia Ulman, Paul Barsch & Tillman Hornig, Real Madrid and Jaume Clotet. This group exhibition opened on February 26 at Espai Tactel Toormix gallery in Barcelona, and can be visited until May 14, 2021. 

“Hoy puede ser tu día” (“Today could be your day”)
Artists: Guillermo Ros, Amalia Ulman, Real Madrid, Paul Barsch & Tillman Hornig and Jaume Clotet
Curated by Ali A. Maderuelo and Julia Castelló
26  February 26 - 14 May, 2021 


Today could be your day
What’s your day going to be like?
Smile, it could be your last day
Look for the positive side of every day
Chose what your day will be like
Give each day the chance to be the best one in your life
Today may be a great day
Any day can be your day
Every day is the chance to change your life
Give each day the chance to be the best one in your life
Today’s going to be a great day
Begin every day with optimism!
What’s your day going to be like?
It’s going to be a great day
It’s your day, make a wish
Everyday demands happiness
Don’t let anyone ruin your day
Every day may be the start of something wonderful
The best moment is today
If your day is bitter, shake it up a bit
Take the next step: today may be your day

An attitude, a way of approaching practice, a leftover of nineties irony made into a museum piece. “Today could be your day” appropriates motivational discourse, which over the last decade we have seen printed all over consumer products, to bring together a group of artists characterized by meta-modern self-exploration of their own condition. The eternal struggle of Guillermo, the narratives of Amalia, the figures of Jaume, the boredom Paul and Tilman, the allegory of Real Madrid: all appear as reminders of the fine line between artist and work, between irony and sincerity, of the universal capacity to make a start on our other selves separated by thousands of miles of distance.

Death to style. Long live attitude.

Ali A. Maderuelo y Julia Castelló. Independent curators.