Group exhibition curated by Tzvetnik at Issmag in Moscow.

Artists: Anatolik Belikov, Andrey Berger, Alina Izmaylova, Nastassia Kotava, Daria Makarova, Arina Sukhankina, Yanina Chernykh
Curated by TZVETNIK
17 February - 15 March, 2010
ISSMAG, Moscow

From the point of trivial knowledge, not every exhibition is capable of producing a statement that will be able to answer the question What is going on here? Or, in order to seem a little more sympathetic to the attentive viewer: not every exhibition is capable of producing a statement that will prove capable of answering a question once posed.

What kind of questions do exhibitions pose?

Who needs answers to these questions?

What will those answers be, if they are given and received by anyone?


Examples of everyday life often demonstrate the utter impossibility of accomplishing basic logical tasks. From this we must necessarily conclude the importance of being gracious to our difficulties in managing the world.

Under given conditions, the point of trivial knowledge may become the point of departure for the stirring adventures of the heart.

On February 17th, ISSMAG gallery opens the second project in a series of exhibitions curated by TZVETNIK (Vitaly Bezpalov, Natalya Serkova). With this exhibition series, TZVETNIK begins its exploration of the emergent environment of promising young Russian-speaking artists, many of whom are just beginning their careers. The curators set themselves the task of discovering new names in Russian contemporary art, showing young artists who are often not yet fully represented on the art scene and creating a discourse in the Russian art environment with connections to current trends in art. The roster of artists for this exhibition season was formed as a result of an open call which the curators, together with ISSMAG, announced in the fall of 2020. The shortlisted artists work across a variety of themes and genres, yet, in the curators' perception, they share an interest in the latest formal and conceptual approaches to art, synchronicity with global trends and a desire to experiment.

TZVETNIK is a research platform created in 2016 by artist Vitaly Bezpalov and theorist Natalya Serkova. The project aims to highlight, aggregate and analyze the latest trends in global contemporary art, as well as to develop and expand the current ideas and practices of a new generation of artists in Russia and beyond. TZVETNIK aims to expand and strengthen links between artistic communities in different countries and to support young artists at the very beginning of their careers.

ISSMAG is an initiative that brings together like-minded and enthusiastic people with shared outlook on global artistic methods and practices. The gallery works with a generation of artists who supports innovative artistic strategies and outcomes. The peculiarity of their creative identity relies on cosmopolitanism, shaped in equal measure by local context. Dishon Yuldash remains a founder and director of ISSMAG since its inception. Counting from 2016, the gallery has been located in Malyy Karetny Alley, Moscow, in the proximity of Hermitage Garden.

Photo by Kristina Matveeva