Lucia Tallova's exhibition at Pragovka Gallery in Prague.

Lucia Tallova: Looking Through
Curated by: Lucia Mikloskova
1 December, 2020 - 7 January, 2021
Pragovka Gallery Entry, Prague

The artist divided the gallery space into two separate parts by a wall, or rather by a window. She put a grating there, the layout of which repeats the pattern of a glass facade of the gallery. The grating in the middle copies the glass facade pattern and transfers it to a different place – inside. The entrance is multiplied and the wall, which initially separated the interior and exterior and defined the border of what is inside and what is outside, suddenly relativizes the relationships in the surrounding space. The author emphasizes the relativity of opposition of the interior and exterior by her large-format, airy atmosphere paintings. If the grating in the middle points visitors’ attention to the glass facade (pre-painting), then the paintings also encourage visitors to look behind the window, outside the gallery, to verify the original copies of the paintings.
LUCIA TALLOVÁ in her LOOKING THROUGH project works with the effect of mirroring or doubling – she intends to build poetic imagery, a kind of imaginative dream quality. (Gaston Bachellard, a phenomenologist of poetic imagination, would call it the air and water dreaming). COVID-19 virus triggered sudden change in the exhibition context – the viewers were not allowed to enter the interior and the entire artwork has transformed into a large-format assembly, architecturally framed, mirroring spatial projection – conserved, crystal landscape. We could perceive Lucia Tallová’s pictures as crystal landscapes, in which time appears and performs the space act (the term “picture-crystal”, or “time-crystal” is borrowed from Gilles Deleuze). Nevertheless, the time is not interpreted from the human perspective, but from the perspective of more powerful elements: the air and the earth. Those elements represent eternity, infinity full of changes. When perceiving the works of Lucia Tallová, the viewer is suddenly confronted with his finiteness. However, this finiteness does not convey the tragic meaning of the end, on the contrary, it reminds us of the steady order of the eternity. And this is what brings the dreamy expression or melancholy into the works of Lucia Tallová.

The project is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Rep., Prague, and the State Fund for Culture. "Crystallinity” is a feature of a painting that is ambiguous as the depicted (un)reality is mirrored and then immediately hidden. It is expressed by movement – not the one measured by time, but the one thought by picture. It is about exchanges between the object and the abstract, the objectiveand the subjective, the present and the absent, with one side of the expressive opposition blending into its counterpart and back. We are very familiar with everything we see in the installation, but it still makes us imagine. This way, also the picture of the airy atmosphere is lost in an abstract painting which represents perhaps even more true depiction of its object. The artwork expression is enhanced by today’s atmosphere, as the expression is locked, inaccessible, hidden behind the glass, and the end becomes a desire and a promise.

Lucia Tallová (*1985) is a well-established author of the young generation on the Slovak scene. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, atelier of Ivan Csudaia. Lucia has won several prestigious awards (J. P. Morgan Selection - Paris Photo 2019, Cena Nadácie Tatra Banky za umenie / Institution Tatra Bank Award for art 2016, VÚB Maľba roka / Painting of the Year 2013, Strabag Artaward International 2010).