Good evening! I am Mónika from Budapest Hungary and I am a nail artist. My passion is my hobby is my job is my life. Cuticle pushing, etching, matting – I am preparing the nail plate with spray prep and primer two.

Botond Keresztesi: C.N.N. (Crystal Nails Narratives)
January 8 - 20., 
Labor Gallery, Budapest

The fast chuck nail drill twirls away the horn sand, I inhale it. I apply a thin base coat with Hypnotic Bond, close the edges then cure them under UV-lamp for 30 minutes. I have read that UVA radiation may increase the risk of skin cancer, but you do not have to believe all the crap you have been told by some jerk. After curing, I apply a second base coat with nude builder gel polish trying to avoid air bubbles getting under it.  I create a reverse smile line with a slant brush then cure it. This material is extremely dense, can be applied in one coat, in two coat or even C-curved. You can can beat the keyboard with it, it won’t break. After curing, I’m just about to touch it with the buffer, there is no need for uf ng, just matting. I apply a layer of non- xing gloss, then cure it completely.?In my lungs, formaldehyd fogs form around acrylic sand hills, spread gently?I massage the mermaid-chrome-powder into my nails with an applicator, afterwards I apply an acid-free primer, cure it, then close it with miracle gel top coat and cure it again. I build it up, while I’m deteriorating. Finally, I use an energy drink scented oil to nourish the nails.

Text by Dominika Trapp

Photo: Dávid Biró