With this exhibition centred around counter-hegemonic images of manhood Brousil and Puklus enter an imaginary battlefield. Raising questions about the nature of the modern man, which is the leitmotiv of the show, is general on the one hand, while on the other it is anchored in the personal experience of the artists.

Rummaging in the old trousers, faded chess. Dark stains on the pockets hem after years and years of sweaty hands. A rectangle of sugar-stuck nuts crumbles in the plastic wrap. Eating too much, too much junk. Buying low-calories frozen food. I weigh myself naked in the morning, right after taking a shit.

The weather is quiet, cool and soft shows works from different phases in the career of the Belgium artist Guy Mees (1935–2003) to shed light on his intuitive and conceptual approach. On view at Kunsthalle Wien from the end of January.

Dimora Artica presents Best Before by Giada Fiorindi and Federico Floriani. Inspired by the speculative fabulation of the eco-feminist writer Donna J. Haraway, the exhibition emphasises the idea of containing the dramatic establishment of the Anthropocene with the threat of the Gorgons, mythological creatures with the power to turn anyone who set eyes on them to stone.

The work of Zorka Ságlová distinguishes itself in its unusual versatility on one hand, and its extraordinary continuity and internal cohesion on the other. The scale of her formal expression has ranged from classical painting and drawing to spatial objects, assemblages, stamp art, or so-called action drawings, as well as her still somewhat neglected photographic work to her vast artistic tapestries and work in the countryside that moves somewhere on the edge of action art and land art.