Forms developed by Katarzyna Szymkiewicz adapt to a space. They are subject to a sequence of decompression and dislocation, unpacking and deployment, like making oneself at home in a hotel room.

Below the lunar path a creature with an alien appearance is wandering, surrounded by an ecosystem in which he does not know whether to mirror himself: the human being.

Eduardo Secci presents the exhibition “L’immagine e il suo doppio,” curated by Domenico de Chirico and featuring works by Sara Barker, Andrea Galvani, Sanam Khatibi, David Noonan, and Margo Wolowiec.

In Housekeeping, Rosie Reed and Finbar Ward unfold a strange, apocalyptic geography inspired by the motifs of the studio. While brightly colored stalactites drip from the ceiling, white panels are locked into an unstable grid on the floor by a border of goo that seeps from below.

The series of Stefan Osnowski is closely related to his earlier big size woodcuts, that he exhibited with the name Passage in the Resident Art Gallery in 2017. In his latest series called ENTRE - between the artist continues to follow the principle of creation based on strict rules, but this time he enriches the parallel network of lines with diagonal prints.