Sarah Fonzi has been in Budapest for 6 weeks participating in the newly started BuBu, Budapest – Buffalo Art Resident Exchange Program, by Katalin Mechtler. The first Hungarian artist and first in the exchange program from Hungary is Zsófia Barabás.

The exhibition Sobranie Cocktail comes from a discussion between the participants on better work issuing from the given conditions. The exhibition on how to make a better exhibition passes through an attitude of non-productivity and results in the assembly of individual responses.

Julie Béna presents GENESIS, her first solo exhibition in Brno, Czech Republic. The sculptural installation materializes as a forged forest – branches rising out of twisted metal and stone.

Exgirlfriend Gallery presents in Berlin from September 22 to October 13 the exhibition Mother Machine, a set of pieces that the artist has developed in 2018 for space.

In the last decade an increasing number of art historians, photography historians, collectors, curators and other art world professionals –both in Hungary and abroad – have recognised the fact that between 1965 and 2005 a uniquely rich, intriguing and valuable kind of photography was born in Hungary where it thrived in subsequent years.