Group exhibition featuring Iain Ball, Co – Buddy (Iain Ball & Valinia Svoronou), Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis, Dimitris Gketsis, Hypercomf, Evi Kalogiropoulou, Alexandra Koumantaki, Yorgos Papafigos, Clifford Sage, Pavlos Tsakonas, Yannis Voulgaris and curated by Hypelink at GRACE in Athens.

Like A Little Disaster is proud to present "Everytime you switch me off, I die. A little" a project that will involve works by Daniela Corbascio, Claude Eigan, Alexandra Koumantaki, Andrea Martinucci, Catalina Ouyang, David Stjernholm and Maurizio Vicerè + a dreamtale by Jonny Tanna.

Horizont Gallery presents Igor Hosnedl’s (1988) debut solo exhibition „The Lecture of Wise Snake” in Budapest.

What is the purpose behind thinking over the duality between human and bestiality? The return towards a more scientific approach - rather than literary - about the study of mankind and its world, reveals us today a new path.

Newly opened project space in Berlin on the corner of Potsdamer Strasse and Kurfurstenstrasse begins its program with a group show.