Element by Noire Gallery inaugurates the new space with the collective exhibition entitled “Le Bel Été” curated by Domenico de Chirico. The exhibition takes inspiration from the novel by Cesare Pavese La bella estate, displaying works by Kasper Bosmans, Michal Budny, Valentin Carron, Alexandre da Cunha, Kaye Donachie, Christian Holstad, Sebastian Jefford, Piotr Łakomy, Angelika Loderer, Loup Sarion, Astrid Svangren.

Working with painting, sculpture, installation and video, Cristiano Carotti develops his research on the most extreme consequences of social dynamics, focusing on the study of the archetypical power of symbols on communities.

Dimora Artica presents Glory Black Hole, solo show by Andrea Martinucci (Rome, 1991), in collaboration with Renata Fabbri arte contemporanea. With a text by Claudia Contu, a catalogue published in limited edition and a website, the project by Martinucci includes some new paintings from the .jpeg series and an installation whose aim is to transform the exhibition space in a place halfway between real and virtual life.

The exhibition highlights the historically elusive concepts of stimuli to work, with the centrality of „consciousness-raising” as one of the main terms in the Marxist legacy.

Danziger Gallery is pleased to announce our second show of work by Liz Nielsen. Focusing on two of Nielsen’s many visual tropes – Stone Stacks and Portals - the exhibition focuses on a number of variations of what could loosely be described as rock formations and triangles or flames.