The project Daze and Ornament is moved by the aim of dwelling upon the ornament presence in contemporary art by analysing the work of artists that exploit its features with different intents.

Daze and Ornament
Giovanni De Francesco, Giada Fiorindi + Federico Floriani, Tommaso Gatti
Curated by Andrea Lacarpia (Dimora Artica)
May 4 - 18., 2018, by appointment only
LOCALEDUE - Via Azzo Gardino 12c, Bologna

The purpose indeed goes from compositional research that organically links diversified elements, to interpretations with a speculative and storytelling value. Therefore the collective highlights the paradoxes of a present tense among hedonism and decadence. By reflecting upon the adornment, the exhibition intends to delve into the various grades of pleasure’s dynamics, from the typical sense of order of the balanced shapes till the excess of delight in the overloaded forms capable to produce daze and emotional tension if brought to the maximum saturation. In a reality in which sinuous and soft shapes are pervasively spread through commodities and technological devices, the ornament sensuality can acquire a double significance, sign of well-being and vacuity at the same time.