On 1st January 2021, at 00.00, the exhibition Days After Sight opened at the Razklon Gallery/ Pазклон Галерия in Bulgaria. This is a showcase constructed next to a dirt road connecting the three villages of Valchanka, Chorbadzhiysko and Tsarino in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains. It is located in the middle of nature, with the local community, cows and other animals as its primary audience.

Charlotte Mumm: Days After Sight
1 - 27 January, 2021
Razklon Gallery / Tsarino Foundation / Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria

Days After Sight, 2020
87 cm x 72 cm x 95,5 cm (h)
Wood, sanded dichroic glass, metal, string

The reddish, float-like construction Days After Sight presented in the glass cube of the Razklon Gallery goes beyond our natural comprehension when it comes to solid surfaces. The dichroic glass of the discs connected to a wooden construction has a special micro-coating, allowing colours and transparency to shift depending on light conditions and point of view. Passing by, Days After Sight may seem a Fata Morgana in how it destabilises what we expect, what we can hold on to and what we see at that moment. Navigation and the search for balance continuously shift my art practice. The dichroic glass discs mirror this perfectly, sandblasted with a drawing suggesting a change of view. Depicting an abstracted window, it references the connection of the inside/ intimate and the outside/public. Doubled and reversed, the dichroic glass disc windows have become constantly changing rotors shifting the perspective: antithesis becomes thesis, inside becomes outside, personal becomes universal.

Charlotte Mumm ⁠— www.charlottemumm.com ⁠— is a visual artist living and working in Amsterdam. She works across sculpture and painting, employing a range of media and techniques such as ceramics, leaded glass, casting and cutting. Her work shows a tendency towards abstract figuration, as she develops her motifs and forms through a commitment to process found in surfaces, layers and material interaction. Charlotte Mumm studied Fine Arts with Prof. Urs Lüthi at the Kunsthochschule Kassel in Germany from 2000-2008 and spent a study year at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing, China. Her work has been exhibited in Germany and internationally. To name a few locations: Galerie Tanit in Munich, Städtische Galerie Nordhorn, Kasseler Kunstverein, Eduardo Secci Contemporary in Florence and Galerie Rolando Anselmi in Berlin. Awards and Residencies include a fellowship for the European project ‘The Spur’ at Sputnik Oz in Bratislava (SK), the Saari Residency fellowship from the Kone Foundation (FIN), and a working grant given by the Ministry of Culture Lower Saxony (GER). In 2018 she was awarded the Werkstattpreis of the Art Foundation Erich Hauser in Rottweil (GER) and in 2019 a Sundaymorning@ EKWC working grant (NL). Recently, the Josef & Anni Albers Foundation invited her to join their residency programme ‘Thread’ in Sinthian, Senegal.