AF gallery is pleased to announce the first solo show by Gabriel Stoian, Dilemma, starting Saturday, 12 of December.

Gabriel Stoian: Dilemma
Curated by: Goekhan Erdogan
12 December 2020 -  9 January, 2021
AF. Gallery, Frankfurt am Main 

- We regret to inform you that your exhibition was cancelled / postponed due to the current situation and restrictions given by the state regarding the increasing numbers of infested people with the ongoing pandemic! However the upside is that you can have the gallery space, use it as you like...

Dilemma – latest project produced by Gabriel Stoian, and curated by Goekhan Erdogan, is intended to take form as a solo exhibition under the pretext mentioned before hand, in its title. An exhibition without opening, neither physical nor online, your presence is not required. Please do not take this as a form of institutional critic or any form of protest. This exhibition represents a direct and honest reaction towards an ever more frequent situation in present times. A “secret show” made as an experiment with no expectation for any positive outcome, purely to be disclosed to those willing to see it. Not knowing if it will actually take place it would be futile to describe the works. However paradoxical this may seem the intention is real as the works that will be part of this exhibition. Maybe at least one clue would be kind to offer, a piece of information for understating. As it goes, it is my intention to exhibit works that I would not exhibit under normal circumstances. Therefore, all the pieces are recently finished yet still pending in the studio, to be decided on let’s say.
Gabriel Stoian – Frankfurt, 2020.

Photo documentation by: The studio sunshine – Daniel Stubenvoll