Group exhibition curated by Gino Bossa at Yudik One Gallery in Brescia.

I Know You Know That You Know
Artists: Lorenza Boisi, Cosimo Casoni, Emmanuelle Castellan, Sebastian Hosu, Benjamin Niznik, Chris Rocchegiani, Lorenzo Tamai, Nina Tobien
Curated by: Gino Bosa
October 29 – December 22, 2020
Yudik One Gallery, Brescia, Italy

I Know You Know That You Know… but what?

Well... that one cannot ask a pictorial work what game its author played in conceiving it. It is already so much the intuition that, in some way, he or she has played - not joked - with fire.

Much of young international painting is devouring the eyes of those who look at it with sighs of tenderness, laying bare critical instruments or at least revealing a certain readiness of reflexes. More than the intent to formalize some kind of research, I think I see among the invited artists (but also others) the tendency to a new dignity of execution with respect to a soft static primary idea - to defy chaos by proceeding without flaunting too much conviction, but resisting to the point of drawing from it an ability to act more subordinate to "seeing"... to "noticing"...

What? How a sign, riotous on the one hand, on the other, begs to procure it a destiny... to be grateful it wants to be recognized, but also recognizing chaos as an energy that has the same potential of experience. If it is true that in order to know it is enough to exist, but in order to live it is necessary to "recognize", it is necessary an act of trust on the persistence of an oxymoron, an incoherent coherence, a very true fiction, without waving too much the flag of an unspecified timelessness... it is necessary to rely on the cognitive expedient of self-betrayal…

The ruinous fall of style in the most abundant of seas.

Good painting is always the most titled among languages to ask the following question: but what is so deep that you cannot see it on the surface? Clues in art are everything, as long as they preserve the strength to remain such and remote in an imminence of misleading translatability. 

Since, personally, I think it is an ideal condition for an artist to always feel with his back to the wall (in front of or because of his work), I think of painting as the "x factor" of punishment, deception and glory... which always has something to do with it even when it seems to have nothing to do with it. A good painting is the working device of that event that someone called "the presence of an absence". "The good pictorial idea" is not afraid to become "picturesque" because perhaps, to being, it prefers to seem... but where have we already seen each other?!

The effort that detaches the shoulders from the wall does not have unconditional love for the idea, if before, this one, has not earned itself honor in a cage (MMA) of madmen called "history", distorting concepts, not for a mere taste, but to elevate the sense in and "with tempore".

Enzo Cucchi says that "painting doesn't lie"... I remembered this a few days ago, when an artist friend of mine asked me about this exhibition... I say: it's an honest collective of contemporary painting... there was no need to adjust the possible mediocrity of "honest"…

I know you know that you know

-Text by Gino Bosa

Photo: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Yudik One Gallery, Brescia, Ph: M. Ben Hamouda