Fit it inauguration, pal project, has given carte blanche to the collective POURCEUX. The tone is set in the title: the desire to set up new systems and to mark a new anchor point, a schism in the climate of contemporary art today.

Artists: Jean André | Geo rey Benhamou | Hugo Capron | Pierre Clement | Maxime Fragnon | Valérian Goalec | Martin Kähler | Tommy Lecot | Raphaël Mattieu | François Patoue | Pedro Ruxa | Maxime Souvent
Curated by POURCEUX

September 17 - October 10, 2020
Pal project, Grenelle (France)

“The exhibition’s scenography is a readjustment and an emotional vision of the work of Carlo Scarpa who was commissioned in 1953 to design the museum layout of Palazzo Abatellis (a 15th century palace, Palermo, Sicily). A space where the architect-designer entirely rethought the scenography and the display of the historical works of this palace.” [...] “The TOUJOURS exhibition makes it a point of honor to create a universe, an exhibition environment, an experience. Each artist has created a work tailor-made to the show, corresponding to a singular module defi ned in the scenography.”
“This gives a view of an environment, but also gives rise to challenges. Challenges that the works presented would not be erased by the scenographic elements and so that a balance, a harmony, as much formal as coloured, semantic and natural, resides between each work and their environment.”
“For most of the artists, it was the possibility of creating an “exclusive” piece that took a step aside in their practice, shaking up their work, their thinking and the formal construction of their proposal. For others, the presence of the modules made it possible to create “tailor-made”
versions of existing works.”
“Toujoursn is an exhibition that is out of time, out of season, a proposal that produces its spatial and temporal occupation autonomously.” 

Excerpts from the interview of pal mag #01, pal project’s magazine published on the occasion of every exhibition, available at the gallery or online on our website. Interview of POURCEUX by Sebastien Ricou (former founder and manager of the Ricou gallery and Attic, Brussels)

Pal projects an emerging art gallery located in the peaceful 7th arrondissement of Paris at 39 rue de Grenelle. Founded by Pierre and Alexandre Lorquin (PAL), grandsons of the committed muse Dina Vierny, pal project is the work of a third generation of gallery owners who wish to prolong, reinvent and develop the family adventure in the art of their time. Voluntarily free and experimental, the gallery’s program will off ers strong and ambitious exhibition projects accompanied by careful publications to extend and perpetuate the developed intentions.