Struan Teague's solo exhibition at Spazio ORR In Brescia.

Struan Teague: Slow Disturbance
12 September – 31 October, 2020
Spazio ORR, Brescia, Italy

“Slowness is a dream to encourage” - Anna Tsing.
Teague uses extremely simple materials and basic means of drawing to explore the connections and contradictions
of painting as a visual language.
The small scale brings into focus the intimate interdependence of every mark within a single painting, as well as a
wider system of disturbance between each work. Repetition and reduction of form and colour runs throughout the
works, interspersed with diverse changes to the landscape.
The touch of the hand remains clearly evident, but the works gain energy through the collaborations they make
with one another in unpredictable formations, after the hand has left the surface.